With multiple accesses, the enterprise NEW LIFE Residences Sto. António” is five minutes away from the city center of Braga.

Designed along contemporary lines, with exposed concrete at sight, this enterprise consists of 3 bedroom villas with 2 or 3 floors.

Furthermore, the enterprise “NEW LIFE Residences Sto. António” disposes of ample and captivating divisions, with excellent solar exposition, hence providing you maximum comfort.

Built with rigor and high quality materials, these villas have a pleasant leisure area with a garden at the living room and kitchen, where you can enjoy quality moments in total privacy.

We have several lots available in this enterprise to build your dream house in up to 18 months.

Houses with:

– Large living room and kitchen in open space;
– Furnished and fully equipped kitchen with Bosch appliances;
– Three bedrooms and one office;
– Suite with closet;
– Garage for 2 cars;
– Backyard with 66,5 m2;
– Complete air conditioning by duct;  
– Heat pump;
– Heat recover.


The New Life brand is owned by the Old Life Group, which operates in three distinct areas: Construction, Real Estate Development and Real Estate Mediation. The company firstly started in 2013 as a real estate agent (AMI: 10046).

Subsquently, in 2020, the company decided to create the New Life brand. The brand is, unquestionably, a reference in the area of ​​Construction and Architecture in Portugal currently. In brief, the brand proposes to break with the common and create truly inspiring solutions, with concrete having a prominent place in its projects.

Furthermore, the brand follows three key principles: breaking with the obvious, energy efficiency and the comfort of its customers.

In conclusion, this vision of avant-garde, comfort and innovation has supported New Life’s evolution as an emerging power in the market.


Considered to be one of the youngest European cities, Braga combines perfectly its two-thousand-year old History with an invigorating youth and vitality.

Braga has always taken a strategic and central regional role: From Bracara Augusta to the present day, firstly for its privileged geographical location, secondly for its dynamism. Moreover, Braga plays a leading role in the economy, culture, knowledge and technology of the region.

As a result, its centrality and relevance provides its inhabitants an excellent quality of life in various sectors, such as: Health, Employment, Education, Security, Culture, …



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