Old Life is the official sponsor of triathlete Tó Salgado


Tó Salgado is one of the athletes sponsored by Old Life. Born in Braga, António Salgado is 43 years old and is a university researcher. His passion for sport has always accompanied him, with Triathlon being his chosen sport. In his personal records he has 9h38m03s in the Ironman Barcelona race (October 2019) and 4h22m42s in the TLC 70.3 race – Caminha, June 2019.

The athlete’s agenda for 2023 is already scheduled, having started in January with the Manuela Machado Half Marathon, in February with the Castellón Marathon and in April with the 70.3 Setúbal (April 2nd). As of May, he will be present at 70.3 Caminha (May 6), at 70.3 Triton Lisboa (May 27) and at 140.6 Northwest Triman, As Pontes, Galicia (June 25).


The company supports several sports

Committed to the community in which it operates, Old Life has been sponsoring associations, as well as athletes from the most varied sports areas.

In addition to the triathlete António Salgado, Old Life supports the football club ACD Pereira (Aculdepe – Associação Cultural e Desportiva de Pereira) and the pilots Paulo Jorge Ferreira (Rampa da Falperra 2022) and Carlos Gonçalves (Rampa Murça, Penha, Arrábida, Falperra , Serra da Estrela/Covilhã, Caramulo and Boticas).

Old Life intends to continue to reinforce the strategy of supporting sports, creating synergies that also leverage social transformation tools.


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