The New Life brand is owned by the Old Life Group, which operates in three distinct areas: Construction, Real Estate Development and Real Estate Mediation. The company started in 2013 as a real estate agent (AMI: 10046).

In 2020, the company decided to create the New Life brand, which is currently a reference in the area of ​​Construction and Architecture. It proposes to break with the common and create truly inspiring solutions, with concrete having a prominent place in its projects.

Through a set of professionals and expert techniques, New Life presents to the market diverse and innovative solutions in the housing market.

It assumes, daily, the commitment with the quality of the materials and with the design of contemporary lines of its solutions, being therefore a reference in the sector.

The brand follows three key principles: breaking with the obvious, energy efficiency and the comfort of its customers.

This vision of avant-garde, comfort and innovation has supported New Life’s evolution as an emerging power in the market.

New Life is based on constant innovation and a concern for the environment. Therefore, it bets on efficient, pragmatic and sophisticated constructions, without ever losing focus on sustainability.

New Life, unlock your happiness.

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